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If your tooth has been damaged by decay, we may recommend a filling as a solution. Dental fillings seal off your tooth cavity and protect your mouth from further decay. The procedure is easy, the results are effective and your smile will thank you for it.

Tooth fillings can be made with a range of materials, including tooth coloured resins!

How do I know if I need dental fillings?

Do your teeth start to hurt when you brush them? Are hot and cold foods giving you more trouble than they used to? These are all signs of possible tooth decay and the first indicator that you may need fillings.

Tooth decay can only be diagnosed by your dentist, so be sure to request an appointment if you’re worried about your teeth. Our general dentistry services can examine and clean your teeth, identifying any signs of decay along the way.

What's involved in a tooth filling procedure?

Getting a tooth filling is simple, safe and straightforward. Under general anaesthetic, your Caulfield dentist will remove any decay before shaping and preparing your tooth for the filling.

We will then fill the cavity, protecting it from further decay and providing you with a fully restored tooth.

What is my new filling made of?

There is a range of dental fillings available to match your goals and budget. The best filling for you may also depend on how damaged your tooth is or where it is located.

  • Composite fillings – a combination of acrylic and glass-like materials for the most natural-looking results. However, these fillings are known to wear and need replacing faster than the alternatives
  • Amalgam fillings – a combination of metal materials that provides a durable, long-term solution. However, because of their metal colour, they are usually recommended for back teeth
  • Glass ionomer fillings – natural-looking fillings that also release fluoride over time to keep your mouth healthy. However, they are not recommended for load-bearing teeth
  • Inlays and onlays – made of gold or porcelain (our preferred option), you can learn more about inlays and onlays here



Q. How long will my filling last?

A. This depends on the type of filling you receive. Gold and amalgam fillings are considered the most durable options and can last up to two decades, while other options may need replacing in 5 years.


Q. Will my tooth filling hurt?

A. During the procedure, you will be under a general anaesthetic for your comfort. Afterwards, you may experience pain or sensitivity for up to two weeks.


Q. How long does the procedure take?

A. Your dental filling could be placed during your lunch break! Generally, the procedure takes just 15 minutes. Just bear in mind that you will be recovering from the effects of the general anaesthetic afterwards.


Q. What about aftercare?

A. As mentioned, you will be recovering from the anaesthetic after your procedure. This will take a few hours and you should avoid eating or drinking until you regain feeling in your mouth. Apart from this, your fillings will be ready to use.


However, if you have silver fillings, you should avoid chewing with them for 24 hours as well as avoiding hard and sticky foods in the longer term.

Do you need a dental filling?

Contact Hawthorn Road Family Dental on (03) 9533 0996 or leave us a message online. We are open six days a week, serving patients in Caulfield, Berwick and throughout East Melbourne. 

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