Do you feel a bit self-conscious when you smile because of that gap in your teeth? A tooth bridge might be the answer for you, if you are a suitable candidate, as a bridge is only used to close the gap between healthy teeth.

Being able to get a bridge all depends on factors such as oral health, jawbone density and personal preference. Your dentist can help you figure out if you can get a tooth bridge or not, but here’s some info so you’re going in with some prior knowledge.

What is a tooth bridge?

A tooth bridge is a false tooth made from porcelain, metal or a combination of the two that replaces missing teeth. You can get two different types of tooth bridges and your dentists will decide which one suits you:

  • 1.Traditional bridges are the most commonly used, and are usually made from porcelain fused to metal. The crown is created for the teeth on either side of the gap with the imitation tooth used to fill it.
  • 2.Resin-Bonded bridges are made from porcelain, porcelain fused to metal or plastic teeth supported by a metal framework. Wings, made from metal or porcelain, are then bonded to your existing teeth.


What does the procedure entail?


  • Your dentists will start with shaping the teeth next to the gap being filled and then take an impression of your teeth.
  • This impression is then used to make a model for your tooth bridge so that you get a proper fit and correct style to match your current teeth.
  • You will get a temporary bridge, while you wait for your bridge to be made.
  • Once it arrives, your dentist will check it fits you perfectly, but just be aware you may have to go back a couple of times to keep adjusting the bridge.


The Cost and Post Bridge Maintenance

The cost of tooth bridges is determined by what kind of bridge is being used and where you are receiving the treatment.

If you already have a bridge, usual dental maintenance like flossing and brushing your teeth with fluoride toothpaste is recommended and regular dentist visits are important.

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