A pearly white smile is what we’re all after, right? White teeth can make you look years younger and give you that boost of confidence you need, instantly. Many people suffer from complexes that stem from their discoloured teeth, which is why teeth whitening may be the best option to get a brighter, whiter smile.

  • So, why don’t teeth remain white?

Genetics plays a large role in the colour of your teeth as you age. Some people are blessed with white teeth throughout their lives, while a great majority of Australians have to consider a teeth-whitening solution. Still, there are certain things that cause our teeth to become discoloured such as:

  • Smoking
  • Red Wine
  • Coffee
  • Soft drinks

Consider using soda water with a squeeze of lemon juice over lemon soft drinks, or switching from coffee to an organic tea like matcha. Small life hacks like these can really help to keep that smile pearly white.

  • What you need to know about teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is considered a form of cosmetic dentistry and has little to do with the improvement of your oral health, even though it may help with your self-esteem. Certain bleaches are used safely to remove the debris and stains from your teeth to improve the discolouration, making them brighter, depending on the whiteness you select.

  • Professional dentist’s whitening

If you’re looking for that professional white look, choosing to have your teeth whitened by an experienced dentist in Melbourne is your best choice. You will also be shown an array of shades of white, which means you can choose a shade that would suit you best. Perhaps you would prefer a shade that is more natural-looking than that sparkling white nobody naturally possesses. Your dentist will help you get the perfect look. 

  • At-home whitening kits

There have been great improvements in the at-home kits for whitening your teeth in the past decade. Many Australians have opted for this solution and with success. The most important thing about using at-home products is that you seek advice first and use a product recommended to you by a professional dentist. For take-home options, it might take longer to see results and require you to wear custom trays for a period of time each day and night, especially when using products from Philips Zoom whitening solutions. Always discuss your options with your dentist first.

Even with these tips, you should also consider keeping a good dental hygiene regime by brushing your teeth twice a day, without forgetting to floss. Also, steer clear of those foods and drinks mentioned above that can cause staining.

Also, bear in mind that teeth whitening is not a permanent solution. You may have to repeat the procedure every 2 months to touch up your smile using the take home kit.

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