Do you need porcelain veneers or do you need dental crowns? Make sure you know the difference before booking your next appointment with your cosmetic dentist. One of the most commonly confused services offered by family dentists is the implantation of porcelain veneers and dental crowns. These are two different services that provide different solutions and treat separate problems. Despite this, people often refer to them interchangeably. Knowing what each one entails is important, as it will help you to understand your dental needs better and what’s required to restore your smile to its former glory.

Here’s what differentiates porcelain veneers and dental crowns:

When are porcelain veneers required?

In the majority of cases, porcelain veneers are used to treat aesthetic problems such as chipped and broken teeth. Very often these issues don’t cause discomfort, and the person can still eat and talk as they normally would. Getting veneers involves getting a very thin surface cover of porcelain or composite material cemented onto an existing tooth to give the overall smile a more even appearance by creating gap-free, bright and square teeth. When you see images of celebrities who appear to have developed a perfect smile overnight, there’s a good chance veneers are responsible.

When are dental crowns required?

A nasty fall or accident can often damage your tooth, causing a major crack or chip, or damage can also be caused by severe decay. If a simple filling treatment can’t solve the problem, a dental crown or ‘cap’ will be needed. These caps are much harder and long-lasting treatments designed to restore the appearance of the tooth, as well its structural integrity, so a person can chew and speak without pain or discomfort. Naturally, this solution takes much longer to complete, and could require spending some time in the dentist’s chair – but its results are longer lasting as well.

Which choice is right for me?

How can you tell whether you need porcelain veneers or dental crowns? The answer is that only your dentist can. Understanding the state of each tooth goes beyond its surface appearance, so it’s best to go with a professional opinion on this one.

Before you set your mind on a specific treatment, you should get a professional to take a look so that you can get a comprehensive evaluation – by doing so, you’ll walk out with a smile that’s as attractive as it is functional. Contact Hawthorn Road Family Dental Clinic or request an appointment today, and let our dentists give you the advice you need.