Teeth whitening treatments are a great way to lift stains, correct discolouration in your teeth and achieve a brighter, healthier smile. Whether performed at home or in the chair at the dentist, teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatment in Australia. Below, we’re looking at what teeth whitening involves and how in-chair teeth whitening at the dentist differs from teeth whitening kits that you take home.

Kits for Teeth Whitening At Home

At Hawthorn Road Family Dental Clinic, we offer a teeth whitening kit that you can take home with you to achieve excellent results. You simply need to book a 30-minute appointment where we will take dental impressions that are then sent to the lab. After 2 days, you can collect your whitening trays and start the treatment at home.

Our kits consist of two custom-made trays that fit over your upper and lower teeth. You’ll also take home syringes of SDI Pola Whitening 22% formula. The Pola Day and Pola Night formulas are high-viscosity, neutral-PH gels that are pleasantly flavoured and easy to use. The gel consists of a unique blend of soothers, conditioners and water that further reduces sensitivity, making it safe for at-home use.

The benefits of at-home teeth whitening include:

  • cost-effective and affordable treatment
  • convenience
  • customised to your precise needs
  • long-lasting results

At-home whitening can be slightly less effective than in-chair whitening treatments. This is because your dentist can work with a more powerful formula without any fear of damage to the teeth. We encourage our patients to combine both in-chair teeth whitening and at-home whitening for a longer-lasting result.

Visiting a Teeth Whitening Dentist for In-Chair Treatments

Professional in-chair teeth whitening from an experienced dentist produces faster and more reliable results. This is because in-chair treatments use a special gel with higher concentrations of hydrogen peroxide or other whitening chemicals, which can be safely applied under controlled conditions. Your dentist can advise you on whether teeth whitening treatment will be effective for your case and clean your teeth before applying the gel to ensure even and consistent results. In-chair teeth whitening usually takes around one hour and may be performed over several stages depending on the desired shade.

The process of in-chair teeth whitening involves:

  1. Anaesthetic is applied to the upper and lower front teeth
  2. A protective resin is placed in your mouth to prevent irritation to your gums and other soft tissues.
  3. Your dentist then carefully applies the whitening gel to the surfaces of your teeth
  4. The formula is activated with LED light 3-4 times for 10-15 minutes each round

The Professional Teeth Whitening Melbourne Relies On

At Hawthorn Road Family Dental Clinic, we offer a full range of treatments to protect and improve your oral health. Speak to us dental check ups, dental cleaning and teeth whitening treatments that will increase your confidence. Our professional and friendly team of dentists will help you achieve your dream smile today.

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