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How To Care For Your Porcelain Veneers

You love your new natural-looking smile and investing in porcelain veneers was a worthy investment. Want to keep smiling for as long as possible without landing up back at the dentist? Make sure you give them the proper care to...
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How Restorative Dentistry Can Help You Get Your Smile Back

Convinced you’ll never smile again? Modern restorative dentistry techniques give back hope to those who thought they’d never be able to once again show off a brilliant smile. A range of treatments can not only restore a confident smile but...
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Don’t Want To Get Braces? Why You Should Try Invisalign Instead

For many who do not have naturally straight smile, you might be considering having orthodontic work to correct it. There are many options to correct crooked teeth, some easier than others. A great alternative to invasive dental work in Invisalign....
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What Is A Root Canal And Why Might You Need One?

Have your teeth been giving you trouble lately? Perhaps you can no longer have coffee or ice cream without feeling pain. Some teeth might feel sore when touched, and you might see swelling in the gums near the offending area....
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Why You Should Take Your Toddler To The Dentist

Doctors are fond of saying that prevention is better than cure, and dentists feel no different. Many common dental ailments are preventable by practising good dental habits as early as possible. So how soon should you begin taking your child...
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The first thing many people notice about a person is their smile. For people with missing or damaged teeth, this natural expression can be an uncomfortable one. If you feel self-conscious or have been avoiding photos because of your teeth,...
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